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Using Jobshop software means we can get fully customised documents for print, email or pdfs - which they say is vital to the efficient running of their business.

Jobshop has played a pivotal role in helping the business develop, as it enables us to make decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information and control costs.

It integrates everything from quotations, sales ordering, purchasing and manufacturing, through to storage, picking and despatch and creating internal invoices for us to prepare for our export customers.

It gives us traceability of the entire process from the initial enquiry to the final dispatch and invoice, as well as giving us visibility of the costs.

Features of Jobshop utilised by the company include: advanced production planning control system, quotations, sales order processing, materials requirement planning, purchase orders, work orders and scheduling.

It also uses the 'shop floor data capture for booking time and quantities.

One of the real benefits of Jobshop is that it is completely flexible and we can configure its many functions and features to suit our methods of working.

Jobshop has really helped us tighten up on production.

Alongside Jobshop's extensive standard enquiry and reporting functionality it allows us to get to the exact data we need and produce customised reports from which we can make informed management decisions.

Powerful document customisation allows key system documents to be defined for printing, emailing or PDF creation, either via the standard internal print format or a fully customisable document. based on a template.

It is even possible to customise documents so they are different for individual managers, customers, suppliers or applications.

Cutting edge engineering

We draw on over 30 years of experience in cutting edge machining technology, to ensure total quality management with every machining service.

Satisfied customers industry-wide

We supply components and assemblies to a diverse range of industries, including Cryogenics, Medical, Nuclear, Orthopaedic, F1 Motor Sports, Marine, Electronic and Food Processing.

Fast, efficient and under control

All our systems use ‘Job Shop’ customised software, to provide faster processing of enquiries and quotations and to ensure smoother workflow control.

Quality finish and delivery

Our milling and turning capabilities are complemented by a full range of finishing and treatment processes via Acrona’s approved